The best conversations happen in the hall.

This year marks the 11th annual Information Architecture Summit. Our theme is meant to inspire everyone in the community—even those who aren’t presenting or volunteering—to bring their best ideas to the table.

As busy practitioners, we rarely have the chance to step back and think about the future of our field—we’re too busy resolving day-to-day issues.

This is an opportunity to help each other become more efficient. By gathering and sharing practical solutions for everyday challenges, we can create more breathing room to plan for what’s to come.

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Register in Phoenix

If you didn't register but you have a last minute opportunity to join us for the IA Summit in Phoenix, you can register at the event. Hope to see you there!

Participate in Social Activities

We have great session content, but we also have other activities to enhance your conference experience.

Explore Phoenix

Poster presenter, Jason Wishard, has created a detailed map of places to go in Phoenix for IA Summit Attendees to get the most out of the location.

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