Leaving Flatland: Designing Services and Systems Across Channels

9:00 - 5:00pm on Thursday, April 8 2010 in BOREIN A

This session is for practitioners who are interested in moving beyond screens and pixels and designing systems and services across multiple channels.

Today, more high-level web work is requiring coordination with other channels. From call centers to kiosks and retail to mobile, user experience designers can move beyond pixels to think about and design broader systems and services.

At the Centre for Citizen Experience, we are encountering more opportunities to work off the screen and design for systems that cross media boundaries. We’d like to share some simple, practical methods about designing for multi-channel systems in hands-on tutorial format. Since getting permission to work on multiple channels seems to multiply the politics and red tape as well, we’ll also talk about how attendees can promote their involvement beyond web efforts with their clients or boss.

We'll start the day with some foundations and key concepts to get everyone on the same page, then we'll take an expedition to do some fieldwork looking at different systems. We'll use those observations to create different deliverables that model systems and services. We'll finish the day by looking at how to sell greater involvement across channels using your current work as a springboard.

Attendees will walk away with several practical methods for understanding and designing systems and services across channels, including:

Service Inventories
Services need to be cataloged and audited just like content. We’ll show you how we do it from external observation and with client input.

Business Origami
We’ve recently adopted and expanded this tool (pioneered in Japan by Hitachi) to both help facilitate discovery of current systems and to design improvements and new services.

Customer Journey Mapping
Journey mapping creates a clear picture of the customer's experience across channels as they satisfy their hopes, needs, dreams and wants.

Multi-Channel Mental Models
You may be familiar with Indi Young’s mental models. For the past 3 years, we’ve been using them to look at multiple channels as well.

UX Swimlanes
These swimlanes capture both user flows and the other activities that have to happen at different touchpoints and channels to support that flow.

It's not just the web that demands better user experience, it's everywhere that people interact, from services to systems. By working across channels practitioners can increase their impact, tackle exciting new work and make a bigger difference to their organizations.