Make it simple: four web design strategies

4:00 - 4:45pm on Friday, April 9 2010 in Phoenix

In a nutshell
This presentation looks at four strategies for improving simplicity and applies
them to some of the design problems that information architects face all the
time such as how to design for expert and novice audiences, how to motivate
users to go further in their exploration of an interface and how to prevent
endless feature-creep.

Why is this important?
Simple user experiences are deeply satisfying, but rare. With the burgeoning
field of usability for hand-held devices and with the constant spread of
technology to the mainstream, there is now pressure for usability experts to
deliver simple interfaces. But what is simplicity? And what techniques can we
use to simplify user interfaces?

IA / IDs who looking for rules and tips to improve their interaction design -
in particular for web and mobile user experiences.

The audience will learn four strategies and four tips to make their designs

Welcome & prologue (a story about how simple design brought success) 5 mins
What is simplicity? 5 mins
Four strategies for simplicity and their unintended consequences: remove, hide,
organize, displace 15 mins
Web redesign - applying the strategies to common problems 15 mins
Summary & questions 10 mins

What will it be like?
The presentation is based on a workshop presentation which the speaker gave at
UPA 2009. The presentation was one of the top-rated sessions at the event for
usefulness, presentation style and originality of content.

You can see the slides from the presentation (and comments from readers) at

The content of the presentation will be new and will include unpublished
material from the presenter’s forthcoming book.


I'm planning on covering some other topics:
- Fake simplicity
- Expert users are evil
- Simplifying by re-framing the problem

But that's what I want to talk about, what about you?
- Are you interested in having a go and simplifying something?
- Or would you like to see some specific examples?

Wednesday, March 10 2010, 2:42pm